Sunday, March 15, 2009

New place/The end

I can't afford to live by myself, so I've been looking into getting a new place and also getting a roommate. I think I've found a good place and I've been talking to the girl Carly who I would be living with. Its time for another change in my life and I think it will be for the better. Maybe now that I'll be sharing rent I'll actually be able to afford things, instead of living off cereal and never going out with friends.

Anyways that wasn't really the point of my post, I'm actually going to stop blogging. I love reading other blogs but I feel like mine is a bit of a waste. My posts are pretty dang boring and I don't have interesting pictures to show. A friend of mine the other day said that she was reading someones blog and they never posted and when they did it was about boring stuff and I thought that's exactly how mine is. One day maybe I'll do it again when I have more things to write about and have a camera so I can put up pictures. So until then I guess this is it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Finally back

It has been way too long since my last post. I finally just got a new laptop because my other one was useless. Anyways hopefully now I can post like usual.
Some random updates:
I'm not engaged....yet. But I think and hope it's going to happen. I went to California to see Eammon. It was so much fun. I went to a ball type thing, I forgot what it was called. But it was amazing. Everyone looked gorgeous and was so nice to me. It was definitely worth using every last penny to fly down there. On a more bad note it's been rumored that Eammon is supposed to stay in until next March. Which isn't too bad, but he thought it was going to be only a couple months total. So maybe by next year around this time we'll be together.
Now about the missionaries, things are good with them. I still have them come to my house and talk to me.
And besides working a lot that's all that I've really been up to.
Not the most exciting blog, but there you have it.