Saturday, October 25, 2008


So earlier this week some missionaries stopped by. I'm not Mormon or any religion for that matter but I do know a lot about the church because I used to go to church with my grandparents when I would come here to visit. So I let them in to talk. They were really nice and I told them that they could come back anytime. Who knows where this will go.

Life is good, work is good....hopefully things stay this way. Me and Kit have been hanging out a lot more. I'm making a bit more friends (mostly through her). Also I'm planning another trip home soon.

Now onto Eammon (I know I post about him a lot). He will be leaving on the 3rd of November. He was told he'll be stopping off in a couple different places in America at the end of December. I'll go to any of his stops so I can see him. With the timing maybe we can spend New Years Eve together.

Friday, October 17, 2008


R A N- three letters I hate. So I got a call from Eammon earlier this week giving me some bad news. He signed up in January for RAN (the Royal Australian Navy) and now they are calling him into duty. He hasn't heard anything from them since about February so he figured he wasn't needed. Well I guess he is. He'll be leaving at the end of this month or the beginning of next month which means he's not coming to visit. I cried when he told me, not necessarily because he wouldn't be coming which I am bummed about but more because it's terrifying not knowing what could happen. He told me it's okay because 1. It's Australia, how much trouble do they really get into and 2. It's the Navy he wont really be in battle....unless necessary. I'm so mixed with emotions. I'm scared, sad, and happy (he has wanted to do this since he was little). On the plus side he will be traveling and some main stops will be America. So I will be able to see him eventually. He's not sure how long he'll be gone. I hope not long.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


So last Friday was my birthday and I decided that I was going to take Kit (the girl from work) up on her offer to do something. She got a bunch of her friends together and we went out to eat. It was actually a lot of fun. There was about 12 of us, so it made for a good evening. Afterwards about 9 of us went back to her house to just hang out and watch a movie. She surprised me with a cake, which I didn't expect at all. She's actually really nice, I feel bad that I judged her from the first time we hung out. We took a bunch of pictures with her camera. Unfortunately mine got a bit damaged back home so I haven't been able to take any here. Maybe if she emails me some I can put them up. So overall really it was a good birthday.  Oh and to top it off I talked to Eammon for a few hours on the phone, which is rare because we mostly stick to texting and emails. He said he has something for me but I wont get it until he comes.